Community Engagement
and Protocols

At all levels of SO4, people are empowered to drive the development of long-lasting partnerships and positive, sustainable social and economic outcomes for the local Aboriginal community upon whose country we operate.

SO4’s core engagement strategies include early consultation and engagement, open and transparent communication, fostering collaboration, welcoming feedback and incorporating community and stakeholder considerations into the design and implementation of its Projects.

SO4 works in partnership with our native title partners, community members and regulators to encourage open, transparent and inclusive communication, which allows new relationships to be developed and existing relationships to grow. Our community engagement approach is reflected at all levels of our company and includes four key areas:

  • Educated and engaged workforce. Being a culturally aware company, with an engaged and educated workforce that values Aboriginal heritage, culture and diversity.
  • Empowering communities through training, employment and business development. SO4 creates training, employment and business opportunities to contribute to strong, sustainable and vibrant communities.
  • Responsible and sustainable cultural heritage management for future generations. SO4 is committed to working with the native title parties of the country associated with the Project to ensure that heritage impacts are minimised and approved through the correct mechanisms (i.e. approval under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972).
  • Engaged and consulted Aboriginal community, with strategic community partnerships. Meaningful stakeholder engagement and partnerships that empower the community, build trust and understanding, and appropriately manage Project risk. SO4’s strategic partnerships and programs are focused on the following areas:
    • Education, training and employment
    • Empowering leadership and community members
    • Aboriginal community capacity building
    • Children and youth safety, health, education and community participation
    • Community safety and improving community member quality of Support for healthy living and community participation Sustainability, Environmental and heritage responsibility
    • Promotion, empowering and support of Aboriginal community cultural activities

Native Title

SO4 has established partnerships with native title parties associated with the land upon which our projects and operations are based.

Our goal is to establish and drive positive, long-term and sustainable community economic and social outcomes, and responsibly manage Aboriginal heritage in line with legislative and contractual requirements.

We recognise that Aboriginal community partnerships contribute to a positive legacy for future generations.

In November 2019, SO4 entered into a comprehensive land access agreement (LAA) with the Tarlka Matuwa Piarku Aboriginal Corporation (TMPAC), providing tenure and approval security to the Lake Way Project and significant economic, social, and environmental outcomes to our native title partners and the community.

Agreed benefits included:

  • Royalty payments
  • Community support programs
  • Employment & training
  • Aboriginal business development and contracting opportunities
  • Heritage protection and land management opportunities


“This agreement supports the partnership that has been established between TMPAC and SO4 which will provide on-going benefits for our people whilst ensuring the continued respect for the heritage and culture of the area.”

Michael Tullock, TMPAC Chairperson